NewTrack Entry 3 : iReport

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After another week of exploration, I have found another feature of the site that I think is rather interesting and unique to the CNN site. It is called “iReport”.
iReport is a platform on CNN’s site that allows members of the worldwide community to contribute what they believe to be newsworthy to CNN. According to CNN, this platform allows the news site to gain a deeper understanding of the world and also see perspectives from different angles.

After signing up, an individual can join similar interest groups, post articles and browse assignments, read posts from other fellow readers and also customize your iReport newsfeed to your own liking.

There are many categories and various subjects on the iReport platform ranging from politics and the military to food and entertainment. Within each category many individualshave posted their stories in forms of pictures, written text and video.

This iReport platform allows readers and followers of CNN to contribute to the news site in many forms of multimedia packages. By having these diverse opinions and mediums, a more accurate picture can be shown and a better understanding of the topic can be made.

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Sustainability Festival and Bike Safety Day

September 12, 2013 – Marsh Plaza at Boston University

NewTrack Entry 2 : CNN Trends

After browsing through the main homepage of, this week I decided to explore around the website and see what other features the site had to offer.

One thing I found to be particularly interesting was the section of the website called “CNN Trends“. Operated by Zite, a digital magazine application for mobile devices, this page of the CNN website tracks and displays the newest and most popular news of the day from CNN as well as other news media outlets. Zite uses social media networks to track trending topics in the world and evaluates the topics based on content and interest.

The CNN Trends page is set up in a list formation with the topic that is trending the most on the top of the page. Each topic has a featured CNN story with the latest coverage and is either in a written story or video format. What is particularly interesting about the CNN trend page is that in addition to the CNN story there are three stories from other news outlets that are all related to the main trending topic. According to the website, the reason for putting these other stories along side the CNN story is to bring together the most relevant coverage of the topic from different perspectives and outlets. In this way the reader will get a better understanding of the trending issue.


CNN Trends is a great feature of the CNN site because it allows readers to see what are the most buzzworthy topics at that given time and gives them the opportunity to see how other news outlets view the topic. With this feature, readers can stay up to date with the latest news and form their opinions based on multiple sources.

NewTrack Entry 1 : Initial Impressions of

The online news website that I decided to track on is CNN is the main news website and television channel where I usually get my news. I am familiar with its layout, I like how they incorporate strong images and video content with equally adequate copy.

The CNN website is designed in a manner that is fairly easy to navigate and is regularly updated. There is a date and time in the left hand corner of the website just below the main links that indicates when the website was updated. Another notable feature of the CNN website is the “Live TV” Link located on the right side of the page. The video allows the viewer to quickly access the Live TV option that CNN has made available online.

Towards the bottom of the front page, the main categories of news are sectioned in a very organized and visually informative manner. Each category of news is sectioned in a box with a picture of the most prominent story and followed by bullet points of the next top stories.

One criticism that I have of this website is the TV & Video section that is towards the bottom of the page. It is the last main box that you can scroll to on the bottom of the page. When CNN comes to my mind, the first thing I think of is the videos and broadcasted stories. That being said, I feel that the emphasis of this section should be prioritized and pushed to the top of the page.

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