NewTrack Entry 4 : The Government Shutdown Explained in 20 Questions

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 1.05.57 PM

In the latest news, a government shutdown has ensued Washington D.C. and CNN has provided a quick and easy guide to understanding the details of shutdown. There were many stories published throughout the day yesterday chronicling the events of the government shutdown, but this story in particular really got down to the nitty-gritty as to just what was going down at the capital.

CNN news editor Holly Yan demystifies the government shutdown in the form of twenty questions. These questions and the responses that follow bring readers up to speed as to events that have unfolded in Washington D.C. over the past couple weeks. The story is also accompanied by a photo slideshow that show the key players involved in the shutdown and their impact on the situation. This slideshow provides a great visual source for readers and gives more specific details about the shutdown. 

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 1.06.24 PM

On the left sidebar of the story’s site page, four video clips are featured which provide even more visual details of the government shutdown and important topics of the debate including Obamacare and the political effect of the shutdown on the government.

The right side is stacked with stories of the complete covereage of “Countdown to Shutdown”. These are just several other stories that have been written about the topic. There are many stories in this sidebar, so if a reader was really interested in reading or watching more about the shutdown, there are a plethora of multimedia options available on this page.


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