NewsTrack #6: Video coverage on CNN

This week’s Newstrack theme is video. CNN’s website has a lot of video content and a majority of the videos on the website are well produced. There are many different types of videos on the website.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 10.51.45 AM

One notable piece regarding CNN video usage is the Live TV section located on the right side of the main homepage. Having this section available on the page allows website visitors  are able to click and watch a live stream of CNN as if they were watching it on television. However, one must be signed up with a local TV provider such as Verizon Fios to enable this video capability.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 11.00.53 AM  Eden_Poster

There are a variety of videos available on the website that provide a good visual supplement to the stories they tell. One video piece that I thought was an interesting approach was the CNN story of a human trafficking in America. Video content surrounding the topic of this issue would be difficult to shoot and gather because of the danger and controversy surrounding this issue. However, this video is particular told the story of a woman who was formerly a “sex slave” and the video content provided was through the clips from a movie titled “Eden”. The movie “Eden” was released in 2012 and starred Jamie Chung. The movie was based on a true story about a girl who was kidnapped and forced to work in a human and drug traffic ring. Scenes from this movie were played during the interview of a woman (whose name was not provided).


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