Newstrack #11: Winter storm aims at East Coast

This entry will be an analysis of a developing news story about the major winter storm heading towards the east cost. This story had great copy with numerous facts and statics regarding the winter storm affecting most of the Southwest. The reader could easily skim through the story and find important details surrounding the storm. Additionally, the video that accompanied the story provided additional details that worked to enhance the content of the story. The video was not a rehash of the story or a condensed version of the written copy. It focused more on the dangers of the storm for drivers and homeowners.

Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 12.04.37 PM

Although the story and video content was done very well, there are a couple things that CNN could have done to make this story even better. Inserting a graphic would be one improvement I would make to this story. A great visual graphic for this story would be something such as an interactive weather chart depicting where the storm is currently and where it would be heading in the next couple of days. Another good graphic for this story would be a statistics maps showing what areas in the Southwest have been affected the most by the storm. These two elements would allow the reader to get a better sense of what areas the storm is affecting the most and also give the readers a better perspective of how they should go about preparing for the storm if it was headed in their direction.


An example of graphic that could have accompanied this weather story.


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